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Antique Reproduction Furniture

Antique Reproduction Furniture

Here at Anderson Bradshaw, we are one of the leading experts in the creation of mahogany reproduction furniture, replicating pieces from the classic periods of furniture design.  Specialising in importing high quality antique design mahogany furniture sourced from all across the world, Anderson Bradshaw also takes great pride in our additional ability to provide bespoke replica mahogany pieces manufactured in house.

Our range of antique reproduction mahogany furniture starts with our four-poster bed from the Jacobean period and then moves on to the Queen Anne designs of the early 18th century, represented in our collection by beds, chairs and coffee tables.  From the 1730s, mahogany increasingly became the fashionable timber for the pre-eminent carpenters to work with, utilising timber imported from the new colonies in the Caribbean.  This region was also the source of mahogany when the tree was introduced into Indonesia by Dutch settlers at the end of the 18th century.  These plantations in Java now provide the timber source for our reproduction furniture 200 years later.

The Georgian period saw a golden age of English furniture production as furniture took on a lighter style.  The imported hardwood allowed more detailed and intricate carving typified by the designs of Thomas Chippendale.  Our antique reproduction pieces include numerous designs from this period including desks, bureaux, dining tables, chairs, bookcases and sideboards.   Around the same time, French furniture reached a new flamboyance with the rococo designs of the Louis XV period.  We feature a range of French reproduction pieces including rococo bedroom furniture, armoires and display cabinets, all available in our traditional antique mahogany finish.

Moving into the 19th century, we offer antique replicas from the Regency period and then a wide range of mahogany items reproducing designs from the Victorian era.  Furniture in our collection from this period includes occasional tables, bookcases, and dining tables.

Whatever period you are looking to feature in your hotel or premises, we have a wide range of reproduction furniture designs, many available from stock.  You can also be assured that they will be hand-carved with an attention to detail and beautifully finished.  Take a moment to view our wide and fascinating range of antique mahogany furniture right here today.